Baylor Law School

Baylor Law School is one of the oldest Law school, founded in 1849 and located in Waco, Texas. The Baylor Law School takes admissions on a quarter systems; like spring, summer and fall admissions. On the other hand, with its four graduating classes annually, for the first year there are 13 compulsory based 41 credit houses course includes appellate advocacy and procedure. These subjects are civil procedure; contracts (I and II); criminal law; criminal procedure; legal analysis and others. In the second annual of education consist of 4 compulsory classes and one course as elective. While for last year, students gain the practical knowledge.

That is based on The School’s Practice Court Program. That court program is mandatory for the students and they have to take four classes. Besides this program Baylor Law school offers executive LL.M program in Litigation Management as well. Not only has that it offered J.D degree has well. The J.D. students can choose the different courses from Business Planning, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Public Interest Law and/or a Litigation Professional Track. Alongside these Course Baylor Law School offers dual degree program as well.

For Tuition and Fee id different for different nature of admissions and it varies from session to session. The tuition fee at Baylor Law School at Baylor University tuition for full-time is $62,432 and part-time and for $1,503.

Baylor Law School Degree Programs

Juris Doctor

The Baylor Law’s Juris Doctor Program is specifically designed in manner, so that it gives the students a logical understanding of law and legal study. The students will learn deep knowledge about the law and its different fields. So the base year that is the first year is very important. So the Baylor Law School offers some, fundamental courses in first year, followed by more sophisticate and complex issues in second and third year courses.

At Baylor Law, each year is meaningful and increasingly difficult. Half of the credits in the second and third years at Baylor Law are required. Baylor Law has twice as many required legal-writing credits as the average school. A Baylor Law student takes at least seventeen required experiential learning credits, almost three times what the American Bar Association requires.

Dual Degree Programs

One of the advantages of studying at a great university is the opportunity to pursue multiple degrees at the same time in a manner that is efficient and cost effective. Baylor Law offers five dual degree programs:

  • JD/Master of Business Administration
  • JD/Master of Business Administration – Healthcare Administration
  • JD/Master of Divinity
  • JD/Master of Taxation
  • JD/Master of Public Policy and Administration

Juris Doctor / Master of Business Administration

The JD/MBA program attempts to develop the effectiveness of both business managers and legal study for business individuals. For this degree, students receive 12 hours of credit toward their JD upon the successful completion of the required MBA courses. And additional 12 hours of elective credit toward their elective requirement for the MBA. So it is a 24 credit hours program. Thus, JD/MBA students complete 114 quarter hours of law courses and twenty-four semester hours of graduate business courses.

Juris Doctor / Master of Business Administration-Healthcare Administration

Well this degree is for those who wanted to have degree in Master of Business Administration-Healthcare Administration and law by side.  So, the Law School and the Robbins MBA Healthcare Program offer a dual degree program that leads to the simultaneous award of a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in healthcare administration.

Juris Doctor / Master of Divinity

This dual degree program links the faculties, resources, and educations of a nationally-recognized law school.  It offers students an education that equips them well for a massive amount of leadership opportunities. Besides that, Graduates will be fully qualified to serve in a traditional law practice or in a congregational setting. Beyond these contexts, the skill sets developed from this program will also to have knowledge about different field. It includes human rights, or in careers that provide legal advocacy for society’s undeserved populations.

Juris Doctor / Master of Public Policy and Administration

This dual degree is for those students, who are interested in governmental service at the federal, state, or local level. So they can have the best degree designed with law degree along with a Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA). This degree is offered by the Political Science department of Baylor University. This dual degree program leads to the simultaneous award of Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Public Policy and Administration degrees.

Juris Doctor / Master of Taxation

Baylor is the only law school in Texas and one of only a few law schools in US that offer a dual degree in Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Taxation (MTAX) degrees. JD/MTAX students receive a broad-based legal education in the Law School, in partnership with School of Business Master of Taxation. It is specific degree program allows the students with an in-depth study of all major aspects of taxation. JD/MTAX students are encouraged to pursue a concentrated study at the Law School in Business Transactions, Estate Planning, or Business Litigation.

Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management

This is one of the unique higher degrees which Baylor Law School offers. The degree is entirely designed for lawyers who aim to direct effective litigation strategy, control electronic discovery, leverage technology. The program is taught by the top litigation management experts in the county, trailblazing attorneys, renowned judges, and national thought leaders.