Human rights defined as the fundamental rights and freedom enjoy as a human being in the world. A human being will entrain these rights from their birth to death. Every person on the earth is free to enjoy these rights. Human rights-based upon the values like culture, dignity, religion, independence, equality, respect, protection and fairness. These social values clearly defined and protected by human right law. The human rights law is the promotion of human rights on social, regional, and domestic levels. Best approach to implement human rights law is get education from top human rights law schools in the world. It will provide complete freedom and legal authority to spend life according to human rights.

What is Human Rights Law?

Human rights law is very important for mankind to survive in the world. Human rights law allow everyone to treat equally. Everyone has the freedom to live according to his or her will. Every human has the right to treat equally without any discrimination. Every human has the right to spend his life in full liberty, freedom and require social protection. Every human being has the right to lead a life free of torture, degrading and discrimination.

Every person in the world has the right to avail law facilities. He or she has the right to free trial. He will spend life according to his culture, tradition, and religion. He has the right to spend his life according to his needs and privacy. Human rights law clear all human rights, protect each human right and allow availing all legal facilities. Moreover, human rights law offers complete freedom to cast a vote and the freedom to give his opinion. Law treats everyone equally without any discrimination.

If any person, state, and company fail to give such rights to an individual than government and law enforcement act according to human rights law. Human rights violation include domestic violence, theft, robbery, bluffing, unequal behavior, and cheating individually or fraud with anyone. There are many nations and international institutes that work for protection and enforcement of human rights law. They act and enforce the government to treat the person according to law and give them rights according to described terms.

Top Human Rights Law Schools in the world

S.NoHuman Rights Law Programs
1University of Bristol, UK
2Columbia University of Law School, USA
3Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Switzerland
4Leiden University Law School, Netherlands
5European University Viadrina Faculty of Law, Germany
5Charles University’s Faculty of Law, Czech Republic
7United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy
8Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law, Turkey
9The University of Alcala Faculty of Law, Spain
10Australian Human Rights Centre at The University of New South Wales
11Buffalo Human Rights Center at the University of Buffalo SUNY
12Center for Human Rights at Trinity International University Law School
13Center for Human Rights at the University of Iowa
14The Center for Civil & Human Rights at the University of Notre Dame
15Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law
16The Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at American University – Washington College of Law
17Human Rights and International Law LLM Program at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rothberg School
18Human Rights Law and the University of Miami
19Human Rights Law Program at Emory University
20Human Rights LLM Programme at the University of Aberdeen
21Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School
22Human Rights Program at the University of Minnesota Law School
23International Human Rights Law Program at UCLA Law School
24International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford
25Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School
26Program on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution at Tufts University The Fletcher School
27Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights at the University of Cincinnati College of Law

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International human rights law

The word “law” is generally associated with the word “rules”. Black’s Law Dictionary says that law is “a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having binding legal force. That which must be obeyed and followed by citizens subject to sanctions or legal consequence is a law.” Everyone is bound by the laws of the country they reside in. From these laws, they can ascertain what they are permitted to do and what they are not permitted to do. Laws are not same in every country around the world, although often countries may have similar law.

Internationally Human rights law is very important for the safety and protection of human rights. It secures everybody’s right and gives complete freedom to enjoy their life in any part of the world or their country. International Human rights allow everyone to spend their life with all facilities, benefits, and rights that a civil claim in a country. Human rights law secure every persons’ right. He or she can avail every basic need in a particular country. Such as food, clothes, shelter, education, treatment, and job. Everyone is equal under the law and justice. He can start a business, firm, and shop to work. everyone has the right to take part in any public event, government event, and political event under the law. He can visit or travel in the whole country and outside the country according to the rules.

International Law allows people to call the law enforcement agencies, ambulance and other emergency departments. Human rights law not only secure these rights but also help the person who didn’t get right and justice. UN human rights organization work for the welfare of humans. They work in the days of disaster, mishaps, and other emergency conditions to give human rights, emergency aid. Human rights law guarantees life security, liberty, and freedom for mankind. They protect each human without any discrimination like one is powerful or one is not a powerful person.

In fact, it is the major responsibility of the state and country to provide all basic human rights to their nation. They are responsible to punish according to the law if the found anyone in domestic violence and unequal behavior. Government need to treat everybody according to treaty, obligation and duties that are present in the national and international law. They can’t treat more and less than in the sense of law.

Types of human rights law

Human rights law implied all over the world and every human being in the universe equally enjoys human rights law.

Dignity & Justice

It is universally declared that every human being is treated with dignity and justice. In the law, everyone is equal either he or she is rich or poor. Either they are powerful or weak. Every country should follow this type of human rights law.


Human rights law allow every person to develop and be a part of the development of the county. He can work and make progress on his own and with a team. No one can resist them in a country under human rights law.


Human rights law allow everyone to travel, sale or buy property under the law and enjoy the location where he or she wants to spend their life. They have to go according to environmental law.


Human rights protection and respect every culture of religion and person who obey them. It allows people to spend their life and make them responsible too to help others to be free and live according to their culture.


Human rights protect every gender. Boys, girls, and transgender are equal under the human rights law. The law allows everybody to live their life according to what they are. The law protects each gender and creation of God.


Human rights protect every human’s right and secure them. It also allows them to participate in any public and govt evet. Everyone can join any political party. Everyone can cast vote and able to give his opinion.

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The human right lawyer is very important to secure and protects the basic needs, facilities, and rights of human beings. It will help the poor, needy, and uneducated people. All the person who didn’t know about their rights, justice, and need. The human right law is present to help this person. No one can stop resist and claim anything by destroying the others rights.