Aichi University


Fostering the skills to think logically and legally which are of significance in a wide variety of different jobs and professions.

Established in 1946, Aichi University is a liberal arts university consisting of seven faculties, junior college and six postgraduate departments and law school offering coursework at three campuses around Aichi Prefecture. The institution is the center of a rich range of international exchange, befitting its mission statement of “Foster the human potential by recognizing global wisdom and common outlook.”

Aichi University enjoys partnerships with 42 universities around the world and hosts about 217 international students from a wide range of countries and regions. An International Exchange Office serves as a gathering place for international students, helping them adapt to life in Japan.

What We Offer

  • Shortest Route to Judicial Circles
  • Tutor System Supported by Young Lawyers
  • An Enrollment Limit of 20 Students Taught by 13 Dedicated Teachers
  • Facilities Available 24 Hours a Day


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