Top Law Schools in Germany




The top law schools in Germany offers the study of medium in German Language. With few courses in teaches in English. Students first have to learn the language. On the other hand, top law schools in Germany covers the all aspects regarding to European Law, Legal Practice, Dispute resolution, intellectual property and other subject of law. The top law schools in Germany are Humboldt University of Berlin-Faculty of Law, University of Bayreuth Law School and University of Augsburg School of Law.

Top Law Schools in Germany

Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin is a university in the central region of Mitte in Berlin, Germany. It was established by Frederick William III 1810. The Faculty of Law at Humboldt University of Berlin offers Postgraduate, Certificate Studies and LL.M.

The LL.M programs offers by the Humboldt University of Berlin are:

German and European Law and Legal Practice (LL.M)

The international master’s program offered at our faculty since 2000 is open to applicants who have successfully completed their law studies abroad and have already gained practical experience in the legal field. This degree program integrates the former degree courses “German Law LL.M.”

International Dispute Resolution (in English)

Since 2015 the Law Faculty of Humboldt University of Berlin offers a one-year full-time graduate degree program in International Dispute Resolution (IDR), with a strong emphasis on international commercial arbitration. Besides that, the program is open to graduate from jurisdictions around the world. The language of instruction is English.

Intellectual Property Law and Media Law

The postgraduate master program “Intellectual Property Law and Media Law” (“IMR”), which has been firmly established at Humboldt University Berlin since 2009, offers the opportunity to specialize in intellectual property, copyright and media law within four semesters

European Law and Comparative Law (LL.M)

This master’s program is only available to students from our partner universities in the context of double or multiple degrees.

Comparative Law Studies on German, European and Chinese Law (LL.M)

Degrees: Master (Tongji University) and LL.M. (HU Berlin)

Transnational Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention – to International and African Perspective

Degrees: LL.M (UWC) and LL.M (HU Berlin)

Master’s programs:

  • German and European law and legal practice
  • European law and comparative law (for students from partner universities)
  • Comparative legal studies on German, European and Chinese law
  • Transnational Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention – an International and African Perspective
  • Media Informatics (together with the FU Berlin and the TU Berlin)
  • International Dispute Resolution (in English)
  • Intellectual Property Law and Media Law
  • European Studies (together with the FU Berlin and the TU Berlin)


Besides the LL.M and Master programs faculty of Law also offers certificate programs as well. Certificates program includes:

 Certificate Foreign Law Studies (FRS)

The courses in foreign language law study impart knowledge of the foreign legal system in the respective national language. You start with any module in the FRS and after two modules and passing the exams, you can obtain the certificate FRS I (for the FRS II you have to complete four modules and the corresponding exams).

The foreign language law studies offer includes American, Brazilian, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish Law.

German-Polish Law School (DPRS)

It is two year certificate program. The study in the German-Polish law school is a complementary study. The DPRS program includes the following contents:

  • 1st semester: German / Polish public law
  • 2nd semester: German / Polish civil law
  • 3rd semester: German / Polish Labor and Business Law
  • 4th semester: German / Polish commercial and company law

University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth is a public research university situated in Bayreuth, Germany. It was founded in 1975 as a campus university focusing on international collaboration and interdisciplinary. The Law School is considered to be top law schools in Germany.

The law school and Faculty of law offers the following degrees programs:

Law and Economics, Bachelor of Law (LL.B)

Bachelor of Law (LL.B) degree focuses more on civil law and public law, and to a lesser extent criminal law. The legal and economics courses and examinations of the degree program are largely consistent with the courses that have to be attended and taken in the first four semesters of the state law degree program “Jurisprudence”. This interdisciplinary concept is unique in Germany and enables graduates promising perspectives after completing their studies. This program consists of 6 semesters with teaching of medium in German.

Double degree program, LL.B

The degree is designed to make the students to know about German and Spanish Law. it consists of 8 semesters, students therefore get to know both legal systems. For this purpose, the University of Bayreuth cooperates with the Spanish University Pablo de Olavide in Seville.

The first two years of study are spent at the home university in Bayreuth, and students will spend another two years at the target university in Sevill. There students will complete an internship and write the bachelor thesis.

The Master Study

The University of Berlin offers two LL.M programs:

LL.M for Foreign Lawyers

In order to get the degree, students have to complete r two semesters. For this, courses of at least 12 semester hours per week must be attended in the fields of Fundamentals of German Civil Law, Fundamentals of German Criminal Law and Fundamentals of German State and Administrative Law. In addition, foreign students have the opportunity to attend German law at their own choice, for a further 18 semester hours per week. However, the required courses may not exceed 30 semester hours per semester.

LL.M. Sports Law

It is a 2 years, four semester program and Tuition fees per semester amount to 4,500 Euros. Furthermore to the legal issues mentioned above, students in their studies also deal with the subject area “business administration in sports” (sports management, sports marketing, sports organization and investment and financial management). The whole thing is complemented by events for learning key skills (personality building and team building, negotiation, interviewing and business etiquette).

University of Augsburg

The University of Augsburg is a university located in the universities section of Augsburg, Germany. It was founded in 1970 and is organized in 8 Faculties. The Law School offers LL.M Programs. For those interested in completing their legal studies in an efficient manner it is one of the top law schools in Germany. And make the students complete the degree is shortest possible way.

Our facilities are thoroughly modern, affording all that you might expect from a cutting edge faculty. The law school was established in 1971. Our new departmental building was built in 1999, and houses lecture theaters, seminar rooms and a law library.

Master Program for Graduate Abroad ( LL.M)

The Faculty of Law at the University of Augsburg offers foreign graduate lawyers the opportunity to gain the academic degree of a master’s degree (LL.M.) through postgraduate studies. The master’s program pursues three goals. The first one is that, the master’s students learn the basics of German law. Students can work in depth on selected areas of German, European or international law. Thirdly students are concerned in the written master’s thesis with the scientific discussion of a legal problem.

Postgraduate studies in International Business Law (LL.M.)

It is two-semester program, which offers the graduates who have already achieved their international interest during their studies by attending subject-specific foreign language training and a stay abroad. The study program builds on the Augsburg Summer Program’s European and International Economic Law.  Besides that it offers comprehensive knowledge about science education in six areas beyond the content of the degree program.

Munich Intellectual Property Law Center

From 2003, the Faculty of Law has been offering the one-year English language LL.M. program “Intellectual Property and Competition Law” within the framework of the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC). This program enjoys an excellent reputation at home and abroad for its international and interdisciplinary focus as well as its comprehensive and yet specialized training.

On the other hand, the law programs cover the several modules regarding law subjects.  The program gives the in-depth knowledge about all areas of European, international intellectual property and competition law.