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Top law schools in Japan

To find best law school in Japan is not easy there are not much options available to choose top law school in Japan that offers the specialized degree programs in law. These law schools or Graduate law schools in Japan has Japanese as well as foreign faculty of law. So, if you are students and wanted to take admission in law here are top law schools in Japan which offers in-depth knowledge about the Law. The top law schools in Japan are Aichi University-Graduate School of Law, Chiba University-Faculty of law and Kyushu University-Graduate School of Law.

Top 40 Law Schools List in Japan

Law School / UniversityContactWebsite
Keio University+81 3-5427-1517Website
Waseda University+81 3-3203-7747Website
Doshisha Law SchoolWebsite
Hitotsubashi University+81 42-580-8000Website
Meiji University+81 3-3296-4545Website
Kyoto University+81 75-753-7531Website
Osaka University+81 6-6877-5111Website
Kyushu University+81 92-642-2111Website
Soka University+81 42-691-2211Website
Sophia University+81 3-3238-3111Website
Doshisha University+81 75-251-3120Website
Osaka City University+81 6-6605-2011Website
Rikkyo UniversityWebsite
Osaka School of International Public Policy+81 6-6850-6111Website
Chiba University Nishi-Chiba Campus+81 43-251-1111Website
Kobe University Rokkodai 2nd Campus+81 78-881-1212Website
Aoyama Gakuin University Aoyama Campus+81 3-3409-8111Website
Tohoku University+81 22-717-7800Website
Senshu University+81 3-3265-5973Website
Nagoya University+81 52-789-5111Website
Tokyo Metropolitan University Minami-Osawa Campus+81 42-677-1111Website
Gakushuin University+81 3-5992-1191Website
Shizuoka University+81 54-237-1111Website
Meiji Gakuin University Shirokane Campus+81 3-5421-5111Website
Nihon UniversityWebsite
Hosei University+81 3-3264-9240Website
University of Tsukuba+81 29-853-2111Website
Seikei University+81 422-37-3533Website
Kansai University Senriyama Campus+81 6-6368-1121Website
Tokai University Yoyogi Campus+81 3-3467-2211Website
Kanagawa University+81 45-481-5661Website
Ritsumeikan University - Kinugasa CampusWebsite
Kwansei Gakuin University+81 798-54-6017Website
Kindai University+81 6-6721-2332Website
Yokohama National University+81 45-339-3014Website
Komazawa University+81 3-3418-9111Website
Tokyo School of Economics, Law School College+81 3-3294-4091Website
Kanazawa University+81 76-264-5111Website
Hiroshima University+81 82-422-7111Website
Chuo University Ichigaya Campus+81 3-5368-3511Website

Aichi University-Graduate School of Law

Aichi University is a private university in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Its campuses are located in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Toyohashi and Higashi-ku, Nagoya. The campus at Nakamura has Graduate School of Law and it is among the best law schools in Japan. The Aichi University was founded in 1901. Aichi University-Graduate School of Law offers undergraduate and graduate law degrees.It is among the top law schools in Japan

B.A in Law

The School of Law is staffed consists of in both Japanese and foreign teachers. They have command on legal and political systems. The politics courses offered in the G30 program cover general political theory, Japanese politics, and comparative politics with a focus on Asia. On the Law side of the curriculum, the focus of instruction is on the logic of core principles and institutions in selected jurisdictions.

Graduate Department of Law

The Graduate School of Law offers two degrees in Private Law and Public Law. Both Graduate Programs are four year programs.

Public Law

The program offers the students to conduct the research relating to areas such as constitutional and administrative law, criminal law and political science. The campus provides the students with a systematic understanding of law in both international and domestic contexts. University has produced a large number of law specialists who, among other things, work as university professors, civil servants and tax accountants.

Private Law

This course takes areas of private law such as civil law and commercial law as its focal point. The faculty’s individual guidance, professional teaches and the offered course will improves the understanding of private law.

Chiba University-Faculty of law

Chiba University and it is also abbreviated as Chibadai. It is a national university in the city of Chiba, Japan. The Chiba University was formed in 1949. This law school is among the top law schools in Japan. Chiba University-faculty of law offers undergraduate degrees in Jurisprudence and other law subjects. On the other hand, Chiba University Law School offers Graduate Degrees.

The Law School is a professional graduate school lasting a period of two to three years, training period. Besides that it is separate from other existing faculties and graduate schools of the University. It offers a professional education committed to connecting jurisprudence or legal theories with legal practice. On the other hand, Law School aims to educate students to be legal professionals, capable of thinking both flexibly and creatively. It provides not only specialized knowledge of law but gives a better understanding of humanity.

Chiba University-Faculty of Law

The Faculty of law is not a separate department. It combines with Economic and politics. It deals the underrated study programs in law with major.

Chiba University-Faculty of law offers Graduate Degrees in:

  • Theoretical Jurisprudence
  • Public Law
  • Private Law
  • Laws of International Relations

Law School

For Graduate degrees the Chiba University has separate school, the law school. Law School consists of two courses, namely, a three-year course and a two-year course. If a student’s has a former degree in law can join the 2 year program. While the new students will have 3 years law program.

The former is mainly for those who do not yet have basic legal knowledge. The latter is for those who have already acquired such knowledge.

Furthermore to being awarded the degree of Juris Doctor, students who have successfully completed either course are qualified to sit for the new National Bar Examination which started in the year of 2006.

Law Schools Offers degrees in

Public Law

It is 2 year program and some of the subjects are:

  • Basic theory of human rights
  • Basic structure of governance
  • Human Rights Security Theory
  • Administrative dispute law

Civil Law

It is 3 years program and some of the subjects which to be taught are:

  • General rules of civil law-Basic theory of property rights law
  • Basic theory of civil law
  • Basic theory of company law
  • General rules of civil law, property rights, property rights law
  • Contract Law
  • Jurisdiction, Eligibility, Benefits of Action
  • Tort law, office management, illegal gain
  • Kinship Law, Inheritance Law

Criminal Law

It is 2 year program and some of the basic subjects are:

Basic issues of criminal law

General introduction to criminal law

Criminal law

  • Basic issues regarding the law of investigation
  • Basic issues such as prosecution and evidence law

Kyushu University-Graduate school of law

Kyushu University, abbreviated to Kyudai, it is a Japanese national university located in Fukuoka, in the island of Kyushu. It is the 4th oldest university in Japan and one of the former Imperial Universities. It is considered as one of the most prestigious research-oriented universities in Japan. Besides that it has top law schools in Japan.

Kyushu University-Graduate School of Law

The faculty of Law was founded in 1924 as a department within the Faculty of Law and Humanities and achieved full independent status in 1949.A characteristic feature of law faculties in Japan is that they were initially established with the aim of educating civil servants and not lawyers. The law faculties of Japan thus contributed to socio-economic development by educating successive generations of public servants as well as providing law graduates for other sectors of society, notably corporations.

This approach can be contrasted with Europe or the United States where legal education has been primarily oriented towards legal practice and has consequently focused on preparing students for the bar examination and a future career as a legal professional.

Kyushu University-Graduate School of Law International Law Programs

Kyushu University-Graduate School of Law international programs are Japan’s best law program as well.  It offers many professional degree programs that are unique and enables the students to understand law.

International Law Programs

Lifelong Learning Program / About LL.M. Adult Program

The LL.M. Adult Program is a two-year master’s degree program with a standard of study, but students can complete them one, three and four years. The degree system to be completed in three or four year’s students can choose long term course system. Students need to complete 20 credit hours at least and some of the major subjects are:

  • Introduction to Legal & Political Studies
  • International Economic & Social Law
  • International Business Law
  • Japanese Constitutional & Admin Law
  • International Arbitration
  • Introduction to EU Law

Tuition fee

Examination fee: 30,000 yen

Entrance fee: 282,000 yen

Tuition fee: 267,900 yen (per semester)

Double Degree LL.M Program

Kyushu University, Graduate School of Law offers a number of double degree LL.M. programs in cooperation with partner schools in Asia and Europe. Currently such programs are offered in partnership with Ateneo de Manila University, the University of Malaya, National Taiwan University, Tilburg University and Catholic University of Leuven.

The Bilingual Master’s (LL.M) in Laws (BiP)

It is a 1 year program, which offers students the exclusive chance to connect in graduate level study of law in a “bilingual” environment at a law faculty in Japan. The program seeks to overcome one of the principal barriers to graduate legal education in Japan. So, it provides the students with the possibility of taking classes and writing a thesis in English, as well as Japanese. Students have to complete 20 credit hours.

Tuition Fee and Other Charges

  • Kyushu University Registration Fee: 30,000 yen.
  • Kyushu University Entrance Fee: 280,000 yen (paid once on enrollment).
  • Kyushu University Tuition Fee per Semester (2x per year): 270,000 yen.
  • Monthly Living Costs: 100,000 yen (approx.).

JDS Program

The JDS Program (is a Master’s course in law taught entirely in English to qualified individuals from selected organizations in designated recipient countries. The JDS Program is taught on a full-time basis and takes 24 months for completion, beginning in October every year and ending in September two years later. All JDS students are expected to complete a 20-credit (approx. 2-3 courses per semester for two years) coursework curriculum and write a Master’s Thesis of 70 pages.

The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) (former Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)

  • Intellectual Property and the Law
  • Transnational Law and Policy
  • Transnational Business Law
  • Law and Society
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Introduction to Japanese Law, Historical Perspective
  • White Collar and Corporate Crime
  • Introduction to EU Law

Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) in Law (LL.M)

The Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) was established in 2001 as a one-year Master’s program by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). At present, five different programs are offered in the fields of Government, Local Governance, Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, and the Law. It is a 1 year program, students need to complete a 20-credit coursework curriculum and write a Master’s Thesis of at least 50 pages.

LL.M in International Economic and Business Law (IEBL)

It is started in 1994 and it’s the first exclusive LL.M program which the Graduate School of Law at Kyushu University offered.  It is taught entirely in English: the LL.M. program in International Economic and Business Law (IEBL). The IEBL program offers to give both Japanese and international students with the ability to deal with the many challenges of modern international economic affairs and commercial transactions.

The program seeks to develop a critical understanding of economic and legal principles within the framework of international & comparative business law. it is two years program, with a 20-credit coursework curriculum and write a Master’s Thesis of at least 50 pages.

Doctoral Program

LL.D in Law

Kyushu University-Graduate School of Law offers students the exceptional opportunity of preparing a doctoral thesis on law in English. It is highest Degree LL.D which the university offers in law. The program is designed to gives students with the skills necessary to complete high-level research in law. Students will pursue a closely supervised program of research for 6 consecutive semesters (3 years), prior to submitting a final dissertation. The thesis may be on any law-related subject agreed in consultation with the academic supervisors and approved by the LL.D. Faculty Committee.

Tuition Fee and other Charges

  • Kyushu University Registration Fee: 30,000 yen.
  • Kyushu University Entrance Fee: 280,000 yen (paid once on enrollment).
  • Kyushu University Tuition Fee per Semester (2x per year): 270,000 yen.
  • Monthly Living Costs: 100,000 yen (approx)

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