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Top Law Schools in Maine

The State of Maine has one proper School of law among the top law schools in Maine. Find the best law schools and universities in Maine. So, the top law schools in Maine are Husson University and University of Maine-School of Law.

Top Law Schools in Maine

Husson University

Husson University has School of Legal Studies and Husson University is a private university in Bangor, Maine. Husson University does not have any particular law school and in fact it offers programs in legal studies. The University offers one graduate and one undergraduate degree in Criminal and Justice Studies. The highest degree is Masters in science of Criminal and Justice, while the undergraduate degree is B.S in Degree.

Then it offers Major studies leading to B.S in Paralegal studies and Bachelor Degree is Forensic Science and B.S Legal Studies. The B.S Legal Studies include 3 plus 3 program. The program courses include Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Probate Law, Civil Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Law, Workers’ Compensation, Ethics, Torts, and Family Law.

Other than these Husson university offers undergraduate Legal Studies – Pre Law major, leading to a B.S. degree with a Paralegal Certificate. The fee for undergraduate programs is $590 per credit hour or $18,290 for a full-load (31 credits) and for Masters in Criminal Justice is $497 per credit hour total 36 credit hours.

University of Maine-School of Law

University of Maine-School of Law is only Law School located in Portland, Maine. The School of Law is accredited from ABA. University of Maine-School of Law offers multiple Graduate Degrees. These degrees include Juris Doctor Degree Program, LL.M, Dual and Joint Degree Programs and J.S.D Degrees. The one of top law schools in Maine,offers Certificate in information in Privacy Law. The Juris Doctor Degree program is 3 years based program with 90 credit hours, alongside twp joint degrees the Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health (J.D/M.P.H.)

Other J.D degree program isJuris Doctor and Master of Policy, Planning and Management (J.D/M.P.P.M). Then for those students who already have Law degree Maine School of Law has designed a LL.M degree program with Knowledge of U.S Law or legal system, international law, intellectual property law and informational privacy law.

University of Maine-School of Law offers the most advance degree is Doctor of Science of law J.S.D. other than this school of law offers Pre-Law undergraduate Scholars (plus) program as well. The University of Maine-School of Law has tuition $23,640 for in-state) and full-time is $34,710 for out-of-state.

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