West Virginia University College of Law

West Virginia University College of Law located in Morgantown, was established in 1878. And since 1923 this Law College is approved from American Bar Association. West Virginia University College of Law is nationally acknowledged and recognized top-ranked law school and affordable for very student. The Specialty of this College of Law that besides the regular law degree, it offers two degrees as well for 4 years for $37,818.

For the first annual of law school, students learn the fundamentals of law. That includes criminal law, torts, civil procedure rules contracts, legal reasoning and writing, and introduction to legal research. For the second year, students will have freedom to select courses in a specialty. And will complete three more necessary courses and a seminar. Students by participating in a clinical law program or an immigration law clinic can also receive practical experience as well.

West Virginia University College of Law

Doctor of Jurisprudence Required Courses

The faculty of the College of Law reserves the right to make changes in course and program requirements for the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD). It is one year with two semester program, which offers alternatives subjects to regular J.D degree subjects. Students need to complete 32 credit hours program.

The course has some compulsory and elective course as well.

  • Civil Procedure Rules
  • Criminal Law
  • Torts
  • Constitutional Law

Joint Degree Programs

Other than the law degree, West Virginia University College of Law also offers three joint degrees as well. Students can choose law degree with a Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA and online as well), a law degree with a Master of Public Administration (JD/MPA) and J.D/LL.M degree program.

Energy LL.M

It is one year program; it gives provides unique courses offering, experiential learning opportunities, and practical training for every part of the energy sector. After that students can work in energy companies, investors, utilities, manufacturing companies, lawmakers, policymakers, regulators, land use professionals, and environmental organization. The LL.M degree program ahs $12,042 per semester fee.

LL.M in Forensic Justice (Online)

This online LL.M is purposefully designed for lawyers with the scientific background to understand forensic evidence. And after that they can enhance their advocacy skills to litigate them in the courtroom.

Energy and Sustainable Development Law Concentration

The Energy and Sustainable Development Law Concentration is designed to provide knowledge about the fields of energy, environmental and sustainable development law.  Students in this concentration can focus a major portion of their legal studies on energy and sustainable development issues. The program offers a vigorous opportunity to distinguish the applicable laws and regulatory regimes in the area and consider policy issues through research and written work.

International Concentration

The purpose of the International Law and Practice Concentration is to teach the next generation of lawyers about international law and its many sub-specialties in both public international law and private international law. The concentration will provide students with robust and varied opportunities to learn and develop skills in international law-related practice areas. It is 17 hours credit hours program. Some of the subjects are:

  • International Law
  • International Business Transactions Law
  • International Trade
  • International Human Rights

Labor & Employment Concentration

The concentration in Labor and Employment Law aims to educate the next generation of lawyers in West Virginia and beyond who will work in and shape the fields of labor and employment law by providing an opportunity to learn the applicable laws and regulations in the area, consider policy issues through a written work, and obtain practical skills applicable in the area through an experiential learning requirement. These are compulsory courses:

  • Employment Law
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • Labor Law

Public Interest Law Concentration

The Public Interest Law Concentration organizes students to work to further the interests of the general public. It can be done by using the legal process through the representation of individuals and organizations who might otherwise be unrepresented. The courses involve:

  • Trial Advocacy
  • The Legislative Process
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Interviewing and Counseling