William & Mary Law School


William & Mary Law School, is the one of the oldest law school in the America and situated at Williamsburg, Virginia. This Law school is the second oldest college and first university in the country and was founded in 1779.

William and Mary Law School offers a three-year J.D. degree program of full-time study and the joint degrees of four years for two degrees Law and Master of Business Administration, the second one is the Law and Master of Public Policy or Law and Master of Arts in American Studies.

William & Mary Law School Degree Programs

Juris Doctor Degree Program

The program based on 86 credit hours and students need to complete it from 2 years. The programs includes legal practice program, besides that students need to complete Legal Research & Writing I, II and Lawyering Skills I and II for the  first year. For second year students will complete Advanced Writing and Practice. While the elective subjects are related to business law, “environmental law,” “Constitutional law and their different sub categories. While students can chose the following concentration as well:

  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law

Joint Degree Programs

This is four year program and students can earn two degrees besides the law degree.  William & Mary Law offer two joint degrees:

  • Business
  • American Studies (MA)

Students who wish to take Joint Degree Programs at William & Mary School has to complete 75 credit hours. Besides that five semesters must be spent in residence at the Law School and three semesters will be spent in residence at the other institution.

Approved students pay tuition and fees to the Law School typically during the five semesters in which they are in residence. Any Law School scholarship funds or aid awarded will be available only during the five semesters in which a student is in residence at the Law School.

J.D. / M.B.A. Degree Program

J.D. / M.A. Degree Program

Academic Concentrations

The Policy provides overall requirements, a list of courses that meet each concentration group, and guidance for students who pursue a concentration as part of the J.D. program at the Law School. Concentrations indicate focused coursework and experiential learning or independent research in a particular area of study beyond the required curriculum. Students who successfully complete the concentration will receive a notation on their Law School transcripts.

  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law

LL.M Degree  Program

Not only that, the school also has LL.M program for international students in American Legal system. While LL.M. program is designed for foreign-educated students and attorneys who want to compete in an increasingly globalized legal world. This degree designed for two-semester, and the full-time degree program starts in the fall or spring semester and ends with graduation in mid-May or January.

Despite that, students must have to take part in a compulsory Law Week that starts one week before the official start of the semester. It offers a series of classes regarding American legal system as well as legal writing and research. On the other hand, all students are mandatory to participate in all Law Week proceedings.