Top Law Schools in California

Law study in not an easy area of study, as modern era have complex legal issues. So, only the top law schools design their law courses to meet the challenges. And if are student and trying to find the top law schools in California, your worries are over. As below, there are top law schools in California with complete academic details are given. So, choose any of the top law schools in California among Southwestern Law School and Loyola Marymount University.

Top Law Schools in California

University of Colorado Law School

The University Of Colorado Law School is one of the professional graduate schools within the University located in Boulder, Colorado. It is a public law school. The University of Colorado Law School offers J.D Degree Program, 2.5 Years J.D Degree Program, Dual Degrees, LL.M Degree, M.S.L in Ethics and Compliance, M.S.L in Human Rights and with Law certificates. The traditional Juris Doctor Degree program is based on three years while 2 and half years J.D program offers 30 credit hours for first year, 15 credit hours for each semester in second and third years. 

Among the top law Schools in California, also offer dual degree J.D programs. These are J.D/ MBA, J.D/Masters or Doctorate in Environmental studies, J.D/ Doctor of Medicine, J.D/Masters in Public Administration. While other programs are J.D/ Masters of Science and Telecommunications, J.D/ Masters of Urban and Regional Planning and then J.D in Tax fields.

The University Of Colorado Law School offers specialized LL.M with the following concentrations like Natural Resources, Energy, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy, Environmental Law, International Law and Human Rights, Technology, and Telecommunications Law, Entrepreneurship and Business Law, Intellectual Property, Technology, and Telecommunications Law, and US Law for Foreign Lawyers.

 Other Masters degrees are Masters of Science in Ethics and Compliance for 24 credit hours and one year and Masters of Science in Human Rights for one year with 28 credit hours. , while the application fee is $65, with full time tuition is $31,898 in-state and full-time is $38,684 out of state

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Southwestern Law School

Southwestern Law School is a private, non-profit, ABA-accredited law school in Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles, California. The Southwestern Law School offers Juris Doctor Degree Program, in addition to traditional full-time day and part-time evening programs. Southwestern has developed two innovative one of the only part-time day programs in U.S and second in two years J.D Degree Program.

Along sides these, it offers 3 plus 3 J.D and Bachelors Program, J.D/MBA and J.D Masters Degree program. Southwestern offers two Master of Laws programs, a General LL.M. and the Entertainment and Media Law LL.M program. The application fee at the law school at Southwestern Law School is $60. Its tuition is for full-time $53,966 and part-time is$35,994.

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Loyola Marymount University

Loyola School of Law is part of private Loyola Marymount University located in Los Angeles, California. Loyola School of Law offers Juris Doctor Degree program alongside joint J.D programs as well. The J.D has option of study in day program and evening program as well. While the school also offers J.D/ MBA Degree Program in four years with 87 credit hours and J.D/Tax LL.M Degree program for three years.

For LL.M Degree Program, it allows the students to study civil litigation and advocacy, criminal justice, cyber-security and data privacy, entertainment law, intellectual property or international business law. Besides that school of law offers LL.M in Taxation separately as well. Then there are some masters programs include Masters of Tax Law, Master of Science in Legal studies with specialization in Business Law.

Other programs are Criminal Justice, Cyber-security and Data Privacy, Entertainment and New Media Law and in Sports Law. The highest degree offers by Loyola School of Law is the degree of Doctor of Science. The tuition for full time is $57,230 and for part-time is $38,292.

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